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Should you walk into the aisle of a hall, or event center and pause to have a slow view of the entire channel, your mindset will project a lot about the following; THE ORGANISERS, THE TYPE OF EVENT, AND CALIBRE OF INVITEES’ But, if we are in need of details about what event management is, well on this platform we will be posting journals for your keen interest to improve your scope of knowledge.   Slow dive into what event management is to IMEDIA; We are projecting to give every event manager, event centers in Nigeria an avenue besides Facebook, Instagram and all social media platforms which provide a limited space and advantage, to talk about their business with ease and notwithstanding the cost of running a webpage or Blog if taking as an individual sole purpose of projecting their business to the public. This opportunity will aid in bringing different people from different niches to understand what it is to have an event in different locations, the average amount in budg

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