From the inception of public relations a patent idealistic approach projected in the year 1924 by basil Clark after establishing the first editorial services in the United Kingdom after abolishment of slavery and its cruesendic growth into the New world.

Public relations evolved into the use of media tools which are subjected to:


1.            The audio visual approach

2.            Digital pint approach (Bulletins, Newspaper, Magazines).


All of this great development got established in the 20th Century and it evolved into creation of a new economic growth and achievement more industries projecting into PR news magazines, International PR agencies, and academically absolved as a course by Institutions of learning.


But let’s cut the crap and the history and hit the bottom line....


What is Imedia about and what are our approach:

Imedia may want to give you a list of words and inscriptions that you can find a close related one on some other wall or document all over the internet. However, the means of creating a media webpage that we project to evolve into a grand achieve for business in Nigeria and Africa at a cheap rate of advertisement, without the negligence of other known user generate apps platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more...


What we are projecting is simply this:

  1. Assist young business to have their own business platforms and URL links and pages as they grow into a multinational company favorably on the long run.
  2. Assist in tutoring and implementing Digital marketing and customer relation services into their business.
  3. A professional business profiling and management of all their social media platforms, more also we could train staffs at your firm, if needs be!!!

There are lots of benefits from choosing to work with us.




However here are a few by laws.

Watch out for more news updates, and more also our webpage will be coming up shortly in the new month ahead.


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